Theraband Hand Exerciser

Brand: Theraband

Category: Resistance

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TheraBand Hand Exercisers are designed to strengthen the hands, wrists, and forearms. This is a non-messy alternative to hand putty or stress balls.  Standard size is 2" diameter. 

Training with TheraBand Hand Exercisers is beneficial for those who suffer from:

  • arthritis
  • overuse injuries
  • engage in activities that require extensive use of the hands, wrists, and forearms


  • grip strength
  • hand dexterity
  • mobility
  • motor skills

Great for:

  • rock climbers
  • golfers
  • tennis players
  • piano players
  • guitar players

Can provide therapeutic relief while performing exercise:

  • Heat Directions - in microwave for 5 second increments, usually no more than 15 seconds maximum.
  • Cold Directions - Place in refrigerator for 1.5 - 2 hours before use.


Colour coded resistance guideline and weight:

Yellow Extra Soft 1 lb
Red Soft 3 lbs
Green Medium 5 lbs
Blue Heavy 8 lbs
Black Heaviest 12 lbs


Care & Cleaning Instructions:

  • May become sticky with continued use.  Dust the exerciser in corn starch or baby powder to avoid excess tackiness.
  • May be cleaned with warm soap and water and patted dry with a cloth towel.
  • Do not use alcohol or other chemical cleaners to clean the Hand Exerciser.

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