Torex Professional Cold Pack

Brand: Torex

Category: Hot & Cold

Price Range

$32.80 - $54.90


Premium Professional Cold Packs:
Torex cold therapy flat packs offer the same premium medical grade materials that stay ultra soft when chilled. These packs are great for hard to treat patients and areas: very sensitive, post surgery groin, breast, face, shoulders, neck and head. Torex flat packs are an excellent alternative to the ice bags that are commonly given after surgery. Together, these features reduce treatment time, provide faster pain relief, keep swelling to a minimum, and greatly increase overall effectiveness.

- Reusable and long lasting
- Soft touch construction
- Premium medical grade materials do not freeze solid
- Stays ultra-soft and flexible to mold to the body
- Available in 5 sizes
- Latex-free and non-toxic

Application Instructions:
-Refrigerate or freeze for 2 or more hours and gently knead to soften before use
-Always apply towel, sheet or other insulating fabric on desired area first
-Place torex® over fabric and press to mold to body
-Enjoy therapeutic relief

Storage and Handling:
For maximum life and performance we recommend that torex® be stored in the freezer after package has been opened. To store and protect torex® out of the freezer always place in a heavy duty zip type freezer bag, squeeze out air and seal closed. Return to freezer as soon as possible. Normal product life is about one year.

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