MediBeads Moist Heat Pack

Brand: MediBeads

Category: Hot & Cold

Price Range

$39.90 - $61.90


Medibeads Moist Heat Packs are used to help increase blood circulation, and help with temporary muscle and pain relief of the neck, shoulder and back by delivering heat safely and effectively. They are microwavable, washable, reusable, odor-free, dust-free, and non-toxic. MediBeads consist of tiny hydroscopic beads mixed with a special proprietary fluid that enhances their ability to capture moisture. These heat packs produce “clean moist heat" meaning they are odor-free and won't support any bacteria/fungal growth. Available in a variety of sizes to accomodate specific areas of the body.

How to Use: 
Simply place the heating pad in the center of the microwave for 1-2 minutes. Heat will last for up to 30 minutes. 

*With proper care and use, these heat packs can last for years. 

Sizes Available:
- Standard 9" x 12"
- Cervical 8" x 22"
- Therapy Wrap 7" x 14"
- King Size 12" x 16"
- Foot/Booties up to Size 12
- Neck 8.75" x 5.5"
- Sinus 10.5" x 14" 

Important Notice: 
Please ensure that your microwave is clean before placing the heating pad inside and does not contain any food particles to prevent burn holes.

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