Torex Radial Cryo Sleeve

Brand: Torex

Category: Hot & Cold

Price Range

$36.90 - $43.90


Torex premium cold therapy sleeves gently roll on, completely surrounding while providing some compression, to your limb. The patented sleeve design is easy to use and stays in place, hands free. The 360-degree coverage treats the entire circumference of the injured area, delivering cold deep into soft tissues where it’s needed.

Torex premium medical grade materials stay ultra soft when chilled, allowing Torex to mold to the body. Together, these features reduce treatment time, provide faster pain relief, keep swelling to a minimum, and greatly increase overall effectiveness.

- Fast pain relief
- Reduced treatment time
- Patented, strapless, roll-on design is easy to use
- Made of premium medical grade materials that stay ultra-soft and mold to the body
- Includes insulating compression bandage to protect skin from extreme temperatures and supply slight compression
- Used cold, torex® addresses two of the four steps in the RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) method of injury treatment
- Available in 5 sizes to treat fingers, hands, wrists, arms, feet, ankles, calves, knees and thighs
- Latex-free and non-toxic

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